TRANSFORMING the way Teachers Teach Students Learn!

**All things The Groove EDGEucation...just enhanced!

Imagine a classroom where students learn by doing, up on their feet, moving to music. Active and interactive, exploring various curiricula (numeracy, literacy and more) with the “Body, Brain & Being.” equallly engaged, celebrating both Unity & Individuallity as a classroom community.

Now more than ever before, students need opportunities to be physically active, build divergent thinking skills and feel comfortable with themselves and their community. Teachers are looking for new approaches to effectively engage and support the well being of students growing up in this rapidly changing digital world. While under the pressure to meet a multitude of expectations and mandates, it can be challenging to integrate physical, cognitive, social and emotional development into their teaching practice.

Enter Moving EDGEucation: an integrated and unique approach to learning that combines well being and classroom communnity within multiple subjects throughout the school day!

"Tell me and I'll forget. Show me and I'll remember. 
Involve me and I'll LEARN." 
~ Confucius

Are you an Elementary School?

Transform the impact of your daily education practice by embedding our two main philosophies into your school culture...
1. Equally engaging the “Body, Brain & Being” while learning
2. Promoting both Unity and Individuality in the classroom

Here are all the ways...

Bachelor of EDGEucation

**Original Groove EDGEucation Offering**

- Student Activation: Get Grooving with Interactive Assemblies suitable for ALL students

- Complimentary 30min Teacher Workshop

- FREE 30 day trial of example resources (numeracy and literacy)

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Master of EDGEucation
(build sustainability)

- Student Activation: Get Grooving with Interactive Assemblies suitable for ALL students K-grade 8!

- In-class Resources for ALL Teachers! (full online access to Numeracy, Literacy, H&PE/DPA, Dance and Kindergarten)

- Teacher Training & Professional Development

- Ongoing Weekly Teacher Support Videos!



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PhD in EDGEucation
(sustainability +)

- Includes everything from Master of EDGEucation Package!

- Parent and/or family Engagement Night!


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Want Just the Teacher Resources? Everything is available online! CLICK HERE to go to our resource page!

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