TRANSFORMING the way Teachers Teach Students Learn!

Integrating Movement (and more) with Curriculum!

Imagine a classroom where students learn by doing, up on their feet, moving to music. Active, creative and interactive, exploring various curricula (numeracy, literacy & more) with the “Body, Brain & Being.” equally engaged, celebrating both Unity & Individuality as a classroom community.

It's becoming harder and harder to engage today's students in the traditional classroom environment. We can help! 

Partner with Moving EDGEucation (all things The Groove EDGEucation, just enhanced): Along with leading engaging, movement-based learning experiences for students, we are experts in supporting teachers with tools to make integrated, movement-based learning a sustainable reality in their classrooms! The result? Students are more Active, Engaged, Creative, Confident and Connected, which research has shown makes them better learners.

  • - Positively engage your entire School Community
  • - Increase Math and academic engagement with this differentiated instruction tool perfect for multiple learning styles
  • - Integrate your Well Being Strategy and New DPA Requirements (PPM 138) 
  • - Mindfulness, Behaviour needs, Mental Wellness and School Climate integrated with learning 

"Tell me and I'll forget. Show me and I'll remember. 
Involve me and I'll LEARN." 
~ Confucius

Are you an Elementary School?

Transform the impact of your daily education practice by embedding our two main philosophies into your school culture...
1. Equally engaging the “Body, Brain & Being” while learning
2. Promoting both Unity and Individuality in the classroom

Your EDGEucation Options...

Bachelor of EDGEucation
Student Experiences

**Original Groove EDGEucation Offering**

Student Activation: Have your students experience the approach! Get Grooving with Interactive Assemblies suitable for ALL students Kindergarten to Grade 8!

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Master of EDGEucation
Choose a Major (Numeracy or Literacy)

Student Activation: The Interactive Assemblies themed to your major (choose numeracy or literacy option)

Teacher Resource and Support: Receive a resource package for your major, plus 4 weeks of ongoing support.

Teacher Lunch and Learn: Learn about the approach and how to use support resources!

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PhD in EDGEucation
Build Ultimate Capacity

Student Activation: Interactive Assemblies of your choice (choose numeracy, literacy or a mash-up)

Full Online Resource Access: Lifetime access to Elementary Partnership Package (Numeracy, Literacy, Dance Curriculum H&PE & Kindergarten...approx 50 activities)

Full Teacher PD Workshop: At your staff meeting or PD Day, learn about the approach applied to multiple areas and build community amongst your staff team!

Continued Support: Stay in the Groove and keep the resources top of mind with 14 weeks of ongoing preview videos.

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Want Just the Teacher Resources? That's fine too! CLICK HERE to go to our resource page or get in-touch for more info!

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