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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some of the questions we get asked most often!

1. What is Movement-Based SEL?

SEL stands for Social-Emotional Learning. We achieve this by getting students active moving to music in an inclusive way that nurtures the entire self (physical, cognitive and social/emotional) and fosters a community the celebrates both the unity and individuality of it's members. When integrated right into the teaching curriculum, we can make movement-based SEL regular practice throughout the day.  


Check out our TED Talk to see how this can work for you and your school!

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2. How much does it cost?


Elementary Schools: Cost is based on school population and what program structure you are looking for. We have a 3-tiered structure for elementary programs, though programming can be customizable to suit your needs. Please visit our How We Can Move You page for a breakdown of the three tiers and fill in the booking form or contact us for the most accurate quote.

Resources: Pricing is available for individual teachers, entire schools, boards/districts and Community/Recreation. Please visit our pricing page on the online resource library for more information.


All other offerings: Because we can adapt to so many needs and demographics, please get in-touch and tell us and give us the details of what you are looking for so we can design the most accurate quote.

FAQ: 3

3. What ages are appropriate for this program?


Elementary schools: Grades K-8

Secondary schools: Grades 9-12



School boards


We work with a lot of elementary school teachers, principals and school boards to host PD workshops. Our mission is to provide teachers with the resources they need to implement our Pedagogy themselves easily into the curriculum. We are passionate about changing the way teachers teach and children learn! We will come to host on site activations for you and your students to give you a taste for the programme and then we provide you with the tools you need to do the activities yourself!


See all the ways we can move you!

FAQ: 4

4. How many students can participate?


Elementary Experiences (Bachelor, Master, PhD): Each session can have 3-4 classes at a time (up to 100) as long as your space can safely allow that size. We provide up to 5 sessions in a day allowing 400-500 students to participate in one day. If your school has over 500 students we will need a second day. 


Other Experiences: Up to 100 is a good jumping of point, though depending on the type of event, age demographic or location this can be higher or lower. Best to get in touch for the most accurate info based on your needs.

Check out how we can move you

FAQ: 5

5. How do you structure the day with my students? And how long are the sessions?


Elementary Experiences (Bachelor, Master, PhD): We group similar grades together for each session. Sessions are 30-45 minutes for kindergarten, 45 minutes for grades 1-6 and 60 minutes for grades 7-8 .


An example breakdown might look something like this (a school of 18 classes):

Session 1: Kindergartens (4 classes) — 30 min.

Session 2: Grades 1-2 (4 classes) — 45 min.

Session 3: Grades 3-4 (4 classes) — 45 min.

Session 4: Grades 5-6 (3 classes) — 45 min.

Session 5: Grades 7-8 (3 classes) — 45 min.


Note: Depending on which tier you choose, there is an included teacher workshop.


Fill in the booking form so we know your population breakdown and we'll give you an example breakdown. Exact session times are up to you according to your school's timetable.

FAQ: 6

6. How does this connect to my curriculum?


Elementary Experiences: In our Master and PhD Experience, Numeracy (math) and/or Literacy curriculum connections are covered, depending on which theme you choose. All experiences have strong Character Education connections as well as both H&PE and Dance Curriculum.


Resources: We have a number of resources that engage the Body. Brain and Being in different subjects including:

  • Numeracy (activities for all 5 curriculum strands)

  • Literacy

  • H&PE

  • Dance

  • Kindergarten

View our Resource Library for more details. We also ensure you are fulfilling Ontario’s Well-Being Strategy and new DPA Requirements (PPM 138).

Learn more about our Pedagogy here!

FAQ: 7

7. What is covered in the Teacher Workshop?


Master of Education: This is a 30 minute lunch and learn where we show teachers an overview of the Moving Education approach, take them through example activities and how it is integrated into the curriculum subject of their resource package (numeracy or literacy)


PhD: This is a 60-75 minute workshop at a staff meeting or PD Day. We begin by having teachers experience the Moving EDGEucation Approach and how it integrates into the Numeracy and Literacy Activities. We then breakdown the pedagogy and benefits to both the student and the classroom community and how to use the online resource library they now have access to.


Custom Teacher Professional Development: These workshops can be 60 mutes to 3 hours! They generally follow the same format at the PhD above but can have a more specific focus based on the needs of your learning.


All workshops help you implement Ontario’s Well-Being Strategy and new DPA Requirements (PPM 138).

FAQ: 8

8. How will Intermediates and older students take to the Moving EDGEucation Experiences?


Older students are some of our favourites to work with! We understand and have a lot of experience with the discomfort that arrises at this age when it comes to moving in front of our peers. These workshop have more of a character education focus and begin with a longer discussion about the underlying messages and life skills we are putting into practice. The session is approached in a very safe, non-intimidating and playful way where it becomes quite easy for them to release their inhibitions, any sense of judgement and scepticism they had going in. It's amazing what they are capable of when given permission to let go and not take themselves too seriously. The transformation is inspiring!

FAQ: 9

9. Is this Groove Edgeucation?


Amy was the co-founder of the former "The Groove EDGEucation". Moving EDGEucation is an evolution of The Groove EDGEucation brand with a more refined focus on supporting the movement of more mental wellness in education through movement based SEL methods. All things you were able to find from The Groove EDGEucation lessons and activity plans, can still be found here!

FAQ: 10

10. Where is Moving EDGEucation located??


We are in over 20% of school boards across Ontario, as well as other parts of Canada. We are also able to implement these strategies anywhere! Just shoot us an email and we would be happy to see what we can do for you if you are outside of Canada, such as in the USA.


Click here if you are looking to get in touch and book with us.

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