The Elementary School Partnership

Our goal is to be a supportive partner as you embed our key philosophies into your everyday educational practice. The result? Students are more active, engaged, creative, confident and connected, which research has shown makes them better learners.

The Master of EDGEucation package is the most popular option and preferred to really create sustainability in well being, student learning, and school climate meeting the needs of your school improvement plan. We’ll explain all the details of that one below so you get a sense of the big picture. If you are looking for a one off experience only, The Bachelor of EDGEucation is an option for you to try elements of the Masters!

Equally Engage the BODY, BRAIN & BEING while learning
Promote UNITY & INDIVIDUALITY in the classroom
~ Moving EDGEucation Philosophies

Bachelor of EDGEucation

**Original Groove EDGEucation Offering**

- Student Activation: Get Grooving with Interactive Assemblies suitable for ALL students

- Complimentary 30min Teacher Workshop

- FREE 30 day trial of example resources (numeracy and literacy)

Master of EDGEucation
(build sustainability)

- In-class Resources for ALL Teachers! (full online access to Numeracy, Literacy, H&PE/DPA, Dance and Kindergarten)

- Teacher Training & Professional Development

- Student Activation: Get Grooving with Interactive Assemblies suitable for ALL students K-grade 8!

- Ongoing Weekly Teacher Support Videos!


PhD in EDGEucation
(sustainability +)

- Includes everything from Master of EDGEucation Package!

- Parent and/or family Engagement Night!



How The Master of EDGEucation Works...

In-Class Resources for ALL Teachers - A week before your training, teachers will receive access to the Online Resource Library filled with activities and lessons to use in their classrooms. This includes Numeracy, Literacy, Dance Curriculum (for those who need it), H&PE/DPA and Kindergarten (there are about 50 activities in total). Resources are aligned with curriculum and adaptable for different grades, supporting teachers to embed integrated learning into their practice while staying on task in their subject blocks. Activity/Lesson PDFs, Video Tutorials and Music is included! Yes, you read that right...the music is included!! CLICK HERE to preview the Online Library Website.

Teacher Professional Development and Training - Here teachers will experience the benefits of The Moving EDGEucation Pedagogy and how to integrate it into their daily teaching practice. This learning opportunity is not only fun and inspiring but a great way to build camaraderie among staff.
- Training length is 1hr (1.5 if you can swing it) and best if held during you staff meeting.

The Student Activation - The gym will be buzzing with positivity (and sweat) as 3-4 classes get together at a time to get their GROOVE on in a highly engaging and inclusive community builder! Teachers will get to see the approach in action and participate with their students too. While engaging the BODY, BRAIN and BEING to multiple music genres, we’ll integrate Numeracy and Literacy material without them even realizing it! Additional character education components are incorporated as well and especially powerful for intermediate students. This event ignites the whole school community with anticipation for their teachers to bring the Moving EDGEucation approach into their classrooms on an ongoing basis.
- This event can take place within a couple days after your teacher training, or even the day of, or before (we are flexible to suit your needs and schedule)

Ongoing Teacher Support - We know teachers have a lot on their plates. We want to make it as easy as possible to keep this going. Starting the Sunday evening following your training, and for 18 Sundays after that, teachers will receive a weekly video email featuring one of the activities to try in their classrooms. This helps teachers stay active on the resource library and find other activities they may want to try.

The Bachelor of EDGEucation... **This is equivalent to the original Groove EDGEucation offering**

If you are looking for a one-off student experience to get student moving and grooving, we can provide The Student Activation (from the above) only. While we are there, we’d love to show you what the approach is all about. Teachers will be invited to a FREE 30min mini workshop and receive access to a few example activities on the resource library for 30 days.

PhD in EDGEucation...

We think it is important for parents to be informed and EDGEucated about what is happening in their children’s classrooms. This option includes everything from the Master, plus a Parent Engagement and/or Family night. This can be a Keynote address to parents and/or interactive family session with their children. We’ll create something to best meet your goals with your parent community.

What’s Next...?

We are continuing to create more subject specific resources and student activators themed to that subject. Next up...Social Studies! The student activator is already ready and was piloted during the Spring/Fall of 2017 aligned with the Canada 150+ celebration. It was a huge hit!!



– Up to 18 classes can participate in the day. We can have a maximum of 5 activators with 3-4 classes in each. For schools over this population size, we will run the activators over 2 days.


– Cost is based on school population. Please fill in the form below with your school info and we’ll be back in touch with a customized quote.

– After over nearly a decade facilitating student assemblies at schools and working at the board/district level to distribute our resources, we realized that our impact on schools although profound, was temporary and circumstantial. And more importantly, our service was not addressing the real demands and needs of both students and teachers. We have made huge leaps forward to amplify our approach and its long-term impact by connecting the Groove Experience you are used to in the gym, with the online/ in class teacher resources for Literacy and Numeracy. We PROMISE: your school experiences the same high energy, engaging assembly but it is now a richer more discursive learning experience for both students and teachers, and demonstrates the connectivity and impact of our approach. We then augmented the training and support teachers receive to feel confident integrating the approach in their classrooms using the online/in class resources for long term, sustainable implementation. The result is undeniably more powerful: we are truly transforming the way teachers teach and students learn.

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