The Elementary School Partnership

Our goal is to be a supportive partner as you embed our key philosophies into your everyday educational practice. The result? Students are more active, engaged, creative, confident and connected, which research has shown makes them better learners.

Different levels of EDGEucation are available from working with students only, to building ultimate capacity working with and supporting teachers to effectively integrate movement, well-being and positive community right into teaching curriculum.

Here’s a more detailed breakdown of each aspect.

Equally Engage the BODY, BRAIN & BEING while learning
Promote UNITY & INDIVIDUALITY in the classroom
~ Moving EDGEucation Philosophies

Bachelor of EDGEucation
Student Experiences

**Original Groove EDGEucation Offering**

Student Activation: Have your students experience the approach! Get Grooving with Interactive Assemblies suitable for ALL students Kindergarten to Grade 8!

Master of EDGEucation
Choose a Major (Numeracy or Literacy)

Student Activation: The Interactive Assemblies themed to your major (choose numeracy or literacy option)

Teacher Resource and Support: Receive a resource package for your major, plus 4 weeks of ongoing support.

Teacher Lunch and Learn: Learn about the approach and how to use support resources!

PhD in EDGEucation
Build Ultimate Capacity

Student Activation: Interactive Assemblies of your choice (choose numeracy, literacy or a mash-up)

Full Online Resource Access: Lifetime access to Elementary Partnership Package (Numeracy, Literacy, Dance Curriculum H&PE & Kindergarten...approx 50 activities)

Full Teacher PD Workshop: At your staff meeting or PD Day, learn about the approach applied to multiple areas and build community amongst your staff team!

Continued Support: Stay in the Groove and keep the resources top of mind with 14 weeks of ongoing preview videos.

The Details...

The Student Activations: 

The gym will be buzzing with positivity (and sweat) as 3-4 classes get together at a time to get their GROOVE on in a highly engaging and inclusive community builder! (suitable & adaptable for all ages & abilities) Students are not only physically active moving to different music styles, but also nurturing positive character traits, building creativity, problem solving, self regulation & social emotional skills. Additional character education components are incorporated for older students helping them to let go and break out of their shells.

Master of EDGEucation version - A themed experience according to the “major” you chose (numeracy or literacy) igniting your school community with anticipation for teachers to bring the Moving EDGEucation approach into their classrooms.

Ph.D version - can be the Numeracy or Literacy theme, or a mash up!

Teacher Resources:

Teachers will receive access to online resource material that is adaptable for multiple grades. Access does not expire and includes printable PDFs, Video Tutorials and Music Downloads (yes, the music is included)

Master of EDGEucation: Resource package is according to the “major” you’ve chosen (numeracy or literacy)

Ph.D in EDGEucation: Access to multiple packages including Numeracy, Literacy, Dance Curriculum, H&PE and Kindergarten. (Approx 50 activities altogether)

CLICK HERE to preview the Online Library Website.

Teacher EDGEucation:

Master of EDGEucation Lunch and Learn: For 30mins over lunch/nutrition break on your student activation day, teachers have the opportunity to ask questions, learn about our teaching approach & implementation of their new resource package (numeracy or literacy)

Ph.D in EDGEucation Full Teacher PD Workshop: Teachers will go deeper experiencing the benefits of The Moving EDGEucation Pedagogy and how to integrate it into their daily teaching practice. This learning opportunity is not only fun and inspiring but a great way to build

camaraderie among staff. Training length is 1hr (1.5 if you can swing it) and best if held during you staff meeting or PD Day (does not have to be the same day as the student activation, but if you can align them, that’s great!)

Continued Support:

We know teachers have a lot on their plates and resources can get lost in the shuffle. Stay in the Groove and keep these top of mind with weekly video email previews featuring the different activities that are available.

Master of EDGEucation: 4 weeks of support

Ph.D in EDGEucation: 14 weeks of support

What’s Next...?

We are continuing to create more subject specific resources and student activators themed to that subject. Next up...Social Studies! The student activator is already ready and was piloted during the Spring/Fall of 2017 aligned with the Canada 150+ celebration. It was a huge hit!!



– Up to 18 classes can participate in the day. We can have a maximum of 5 activators with 3-4 classes in each. For schools over this population size, we will run the activators over 2 days.


– Cost is based on school population. Please fill in the form below with your school info and we’ll be back in touch with a customized quote.

– After over nearly a decade facilitating student assemblies at schools and working at the board/district level to distribute our resources, we realized that our impact on schools although profound, was temporary and circumstantial. And more importantly, our service was not addressing the real demands and needs of both students and teachers. We have made huge leaps forward to amplify our approach and its long-term impact by connecting the Groove Experience you are used to in the gym, with the online/ in class teacher resources for Literacy and Numeracy. We PROMISE: your school experiences the same high energy, engaging assembly but it is now a richer more discursive learning experience for both students and teachers, and demonstrates the connectivity and impact of our approach. We then augmented the training and support teachers receive to feel confident integrating the approach in their classrooms using the online/in class resources for long term, sustainable implementation. The result is undeniably more powerful: we are truly transforming the way teachers teach and students learn.

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