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We are a team of passionate educators, Ontario Certified Teachers, youth motivators and speakers who strongly  believe in integrated learning approaches for the 21st century student. Working in over 35 schools boards and districts, we've witnessed how important new teaching approaches are in this crucial time of childhood development and couldn't be more passionate about giving teachers the tools to be change makers in creating engaging, holistic classrooms for today's diverse students.

Give students something TO DO, not something to learn; and if the doing is of such a nature to demand thinking, learning naturally results.
~ John Dewey

The PEDAGOGY - All about The Approach & how it works

All of our lessons, activities, workshops, assemblies (everything we do) is based on this approach.  Confused?  We know, it’s a lot to take in all at once. Interact with the slideshow below and watch it build!

Meet the EDGEucation Team


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Our Journey

Our journey began in 2009 while we facilitated large groups of students through a dance movement experience called “The Groove” originally created by Misty Tripoli. We wanted to see how this experience would work for children and adapted it for students Kindergarten to Grade 12. The level of engagement was unprecedented: Students who would be least likely to participate were fully engaged and students who might not always be able to participate were able to be involved with their community. The energy was contagious. 

Why was this approach so successful? We took a closer look and identified two unique attributes that are now the cornerstone of our professional philosophy:

  1. Equal engagement of the BODY, BRAIN and BEING
  2. Creation of a space where both UNITY and INDIVIDUALITY are present and celebrated.

It became very clear that students are most engaged when their entire self, (physical, cognitive, social and emotional) is activated, and a safe inclusive community is created where everyone feels connected but also free to be themselves. 

But how could we ensure the impact of our philosophy lasted longer than a one hour event? How could we empower and equip teachers to bring this approach into their classroom on an ongoing basis; to enhance the engagement and connection of their students in the long-term? 

Our new mission was clear: 

We are driven to enhance the capacity of teachers to integrate physical, cognitive social and emotional development within their teaching of various subjects in a way that is fun, and engaging for students. 

We transform the way Teachers Teach, and Students Learn.

Our classroom resources started with Phys Ed and Dance but in 2013 expanded to include materials for students to explore other subjects up on their feet, interacting with their community. Numeracy Groove was first (and remains something we’re especially proud of!!): a math resource where students BECOME the manipulatives. This was followed by a Literacy Resource where students analyze and explore text and character traits through movement. Teachers and schools in boards and districts across North America have embraced our approach to integrated learning and the resources that make is simple and fun. The results have been phenomenal. We couldn’t be prouder to be part of the change that is so desperately needed now, in the digital age. 

Thank you for coming here to learn more about what we do. We hope to GROOVE with you soon!

Amy Tepperman
(Founder – Moving EDGEucation)

MISTY   Tripoli and TWGM

Our dear friend and mentor, Misty Tripoli is the original creator of The GROOVE method and abutmistyconcept beginning her journey as an inspiration in the dance/fitness industry. We’ve adapted Misty’s concept for kids and teachers, evolving it into the educational framework and kinesthetic learning tool we base all our programming and resources material around. Misty is the original truth warrior, whole body health advocate, creative genius and inspiration to so many, spawning an international movement of people seeking health, happiness and community through the love of dance. We are so thrilled to have her in our lives.

To learn more about Misty and The World GROOVE Movement visit www.mistytripoli.com or www.theworldgroovemovement.com

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